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The Edward Said Public Library (ESPL) was established in 2019 and named after the Palestinian thinker Edward Said, who made significant contributions to literature and music, thereby enriching Palestinian culture. ESPL provides a safe space for Palestinian youth and children to enhance their skills. Additionally, ESPL works to raise awareness about the importance of self-learning by equipping participants with modern and up-to-date methods and techniques for self-education. ESPL plays a vital role in promoting and increasing awareness of Palestinian cultural heritage through its music corner, library corner, and English language corner. The music corner at ESPL fosters peace and nonviolence, contributing to the creation of a peaceful culture in Gaza. Furthermore, the library corner at ESPL is equipped with a variety of books that raise awareness about both ancient and contemporary Palestinian cultural heritage. Moreover, the English Corner program at ESPL spreads Palestinian culture through sessions and communication programs with foreigners, aiming to connect people from outside Gaza to Palestinian issues.

riding12 (4)Values and Commitments
  • Accessibility: The Edward Said Public Library believes that making art, artistic performances, and experiences should be safe, facilitated, and available to everyone. It fosters inclusivity, allowing everyone to participate and contribute. The library considers reading and knowledge as essential elements for building a healthy, loving, and just society.
  • Collaboration: The Edward Said Public Library will collaborate and coordinate with local, regional, national, and international partners to serve our community.
  • Community: The library values the Palestinian community in Gaza and its residents. It promotes engagement, self-expression, interconnectedness, and participation, considering them as top priorities.
  • Diversity: The Edward Said Public Library appreciates and celebrates the diversity and diverse identities of the East and West. It provides services to everyone without discrimination.
  • Education: The library believes that knowledge and mutual respect flourish when space and learning are shared together. It considers providing access to education for a community lacking such resources as an urgent necessity, both within the library itself and in schools serving our youth.
riding12 (3)Mission

The Edward Said Public Library aims to provide a platform for showcasing, developing, and enhancing reading opportunities for Palestinians in Gaza and Palestine, both locally and globally. The library strives to connect youth and children, locally and internationally, fostering intergenerational mentorship and offering educational programs to develop the next generation of creators in Gaza. Additionally, it seeks to attract the global community through the power of words and arts.

Finally, the library's ultimate goal is to offer a comprehensive local source of English books and educational materials for the residents of Gaza.

riding12 (2)Vision

Edward Said Public Library aspires to a vibrant and connected community aimed at developing the skills and capabilities of the youth and children in Gaza. In a modern world where the farthest point is just a few meters away, it has become impossible to live anywhere without experiencing diversity. Now, this diversity is appreciated, and instead of seeing it as a divide, people understand that we can live in a world where we share much more than what separates us. For everyone to live together peacefully, it is crucial for individuals to transcend the differences that divide us or make us adversaries.

riding12 (1)Objectives
  • Raise awareness about the importance of knowledge by providing a place for reading and encouraging people to explore self-learning methods.
  • Provide a safe space for Palestinian youth and children to develop their skills and talents.
  • Promote human rights and instill a culture of mentorship and guidance.

Our unique Services


Ask the Library Curator

You can send any questions or inquiries about the library, its services, and programs during the library's working hours. Additionally, you can engage in live and direct communication with the library curator to suggest book recommendations through the institution's social media accounts. "Ask the Library Curator" aims to bridge the gap between the library and its visitors, extending beyond the library's walls to reach all book enthusiasts outside Palestine.


Borrowing and Return Service

Library members can borrow a number of physical books based on their membership type for a specific period, which is renewable. The library houses a variety of books in different languages and subjects.


Library Membership

The library allows individuals, families, and institutions to subscribe under specific conditions. The number of subscribers has reached approximately 10,000, enjoying an ideal atmosphere and facilities that cater to the needs of visitors and members, with the assistance of specialized staff and librarians. To obtain membership, you can click here.

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Library's Corners Edward Said


The library is divided into four corners: the Music Corner, the English Language Corner, the Computer Corner, and the Library Corner. It provides a form of protection as it is considered a safe space for service recipients of all genders, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. People from all segments of society, such as youth of both genders, refugees, and non-refugees, frequent the library.
The library conducts various courses on a monthly basis. The overall goal of ESPL is to build the capacities of Palestinian youth and children through reading, promote the right to education, and contribute to its improvement in society by conducting activities in various fields.

Our Special Corners' Objectives

  • Art and Creativity
  • Enhancing language skills.
  • Providing knowledge
  • Computer education

Corner Music

Corner Computer

Reading Angle

Corner English Skills

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