The Summer Camp

Contribute to children's resilience and well-being in Gaza by providing them with access to recreational spaces and engaging them in civil activities that use strength-based approaches. The project is aimed at 100 Gazan children living in both Beach Refugee Camps. The project provides the target group with a month's worth of recreational activities:

Life Skills Corner: This section focuses on a variety of important topics such as empathy, coping with stress and emotions, effective communication skills, and problem-solving. Reading Corner: Reading sessions will feature short stories that are enjoyable as well as guided readings. Drawing and Caricature Corner: The art or method of creating images on a surface, usually paper, with marks made with ink, graphite, charcoal, chalk, or colored pencils. Music Corner: This aims to allow participants to enhance and develop their emotions. Music is important because it enables us to feel almost or perhaps all the emotions we go through in our lives. Music can uplift someone's mood, make them excited, or make them feel calm and relaxed.

Activities that have been implemented

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Creative spaces At the Edward Said Public Library

The Creative Spaces program engages participants' ideas while they explore various subjects of interest. Children are fascinated by many corners and areas, such as the library, choir, and music rooms. These areas are chosen based on their specific interests. They explore the enthralling world of literature and hone their reading, writing, and drawing skills in the library corner. This environment fosters their creativity and fosters their passion of stories and expressiveness.

Meanwhile, children's voices harmonize in beautiful harmonies as they master the art of singing in the choir room. They discover the thrill of producing music together and hone their vocal abilities with the help of expert instructors. At the same time, the music room acts as a centre for learning about musical instruments. Children learn to play numerous musical instruments through hands-on experience, relishing the challenge of playing pieces with skill and precision.

The kids have already shown interest in the activities after the first few sessions. As they joyfully embrace each new environment and the chances it offers, their passion and commitment to learning are evident. Keep up with the transformative activities that are now motivating and empowering the upcoming generation of learners.




Fundamentals of Photography                  At the Edward Said Public Public

Children between the ages of 9 and 15 are the target audience for artistic courses called "Fundamentals of Photography" held at the Edward Said Public Library. The purpose is to showcase the artistic abilities of kids and young people in the field of photography and familiarize them with the technical aspects of cameras and picture creation. Every week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, the workshops are held. The seminars include instructing attendees on photographic fundamentals and introducing them to contemporary camera techniques, covering various forms of photography. Mahmoud Alyazji, the instructor, introduced participants to several camera and lens types while outlining their distinctions. He elaborated on the significance of the numbers on the lenses and the functions of camera buttons. He clarified some fundamental concepts used in photography, such as the exposure triangle, focusing, composition rules, and more. The workshops featured a presentation of diverse images captured using different techniques to emphasize the importance of studying and selecting shooting locations to achieve high-quality, well-rounded images in line with necessary artistic standards.




Conversation in the English language At the Edward Said Public Said

The English language skill is considered one of the most important skills that should be practiced daily. Through today's meeting, we practiced the skills of reading and grammar, which are fundamental language skills. #EnglishCorner

Training Opportunity in Activities

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